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Welcome to the Chevrolet club

To learn all about your car, share with others

Not hard to guess that our site is the club fans of the auto brand Chevrolet.
On our site you will be able to communicate on the forum with exactly the same as you, the owners of cars Chevrolet, find listings of the vehicles of this brand, find answers to questions about your car, and just enjoy pictures of your favorite cars in our gallery.

The Chevrolet Club is a club of like-minded people who will always support you and help you with advice when purchasing or damage to your car. On our site you can learn about cars "Chevy" anymore, but also about other brands of cars too. Club Chevrolet is your personal assistant and guide in the auto world.

The history of these cars

There are many interesting facts associated with the brand Chevy. Club and Chevrolet will hold you a tour of the history of the brand.

Did you know that actually the logo of the company is not just a cross, and "tie". As stated in legend, Durant William noticed it on the Wallpaper of one of the hotels in which he stayed. William left a piece of Wallpaper depicting a "bow-tie" purse, brought it to USA and handed over to the friends, saying that in fact "this must be the emblem of the car — it will help him move into infinity". It's not all the facts, knowledge of which boasts Club Chevrolet. For example, here is another fact. Louis Chevrolet left the company named after himself with cigarettes. As legend has it, Louie was Smoking a cheap cigarette, and once Durant asked him why he, the owner of his own business, the most famous in the USA, has still not switched to cigars. However, this remark has hurt the feelings of Louis, and one fine day he decided to leave the brand.

Your Club Chevrolet – special

Also on our website there is a flea market where you can sell parts or the car itself to our users. Chevrolet Club you will be able to share reviews with other motorists, and also read a review of any forumchanin, and decide, maybe, of buying a brand new Chevrolet Spark, for example. Also, if you are not a fan of the brand Chevrolet, here you can find information about cars of other brands, such as BMW, Cadillac, Ford, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Renault, Dodge, Volkswagen, Peugeot,Plymouth, Aston Martin, Honda, Daewoo, De Lorean, Hyundai, Toyota, Citroen, Fiat,Opel, Subaru and many others.

And most importantly remember this: Chevrolet car Club – we love cars.

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